Proscenium is a multi-year project by James Batchelor and Collaborators that researches and expands the choreographic and spatial tools for the proscenium stage.

Proscenium grew from the unique opportunity to be in residence in the Canberra Theatre Playhouse during the annual theatre shutdown in January over two consecutive years (2017,2018). The residency facilitated a level of experimentation and risk in the large-scale venue that is extremely rare and valuable for independent artists. Ordinarily the prohibitive cost of these spaces prevents having a chance to explore their creative potential and test new ways of using them.

In Proscenium, the theatre itself is a performer. Its equipment and mechanisms such as the lights, speakers, curtains, ropes, rails and ladders are all theatrical devices that are subtly manipulated in the work. Amidst this graceful dance of architecture emerges a new form of ballet.

Proscenium is currently being developed as a forty-minute work with a cast of 30 young dancers from QL2 Canberra Australia. In FILLING THE SPACE, the Quantum Leap Ensemble explores the dynamic relationship of body and architecture. It breaks open the frames and borders that guide our movement in and out of space/s and playfully manipulates our emotional relationship to them. The theatre stage becomes a world of potential, of space filling and emptying, of new cosmic dances.


Canberra, Australia. Quantum Leap at thePlayhouse. August 8-10 2019