Cosmic Ballroom

Cosmic Ballroom is a new performance work in development by James Batchelor and Collaborators in 2019/20. The work speculates on how architecture and space affects/creates potential for queer movement, sound and other expressions. It studies in particular the ball-room as a social ‘event space’ and experiment with methods for the queer body to measure and cross time portals.

This video is a selection of moments from our residency at Centro per la Scena Contemporanea in Bassano del Grappa, December 2018. During this residency choreographer James Batchelor lead a research lab with artists Natalie Abbott (Australia/Germany), George Revlon (UK), Georgia Ohanesian Nardin (Italy) and Zander Porter (USA/Germany).

We are currently seeking residencies, development and presentation partners for 2019-2020.