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Annalise Rees


'My practice explores drawing as thinking in process. Operating within an expanded field of drawing including two and three-dimensional elements, sound, moving image and installation, my research considers drawing as integral to how we build knowledge and communicate experience of the world at large. Referencing discourse engaging with phenomenological and embodied experience my practice predominantly investigates drawing through journaling and field-based research. My research practices and poses drawing as an important speculative act in the development of understanding and the production of knowledge as an embodied process.'



Dr Annalise Rees is an Australian visual artist and academic who works in the expanded field of drawing. She received a Bachelor of Visual Arts with First Class Honours from the Adelaide Central School of Art (2004), a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Charles Darwin University (2012) and a PhD in Fine Arts from the School of Creative Arts and Media, University of Tasmania (2017). She was Head of Drawing at the Adelaide Central School of Art (2009-2013) before relocating to Tasmania in 2014. Annalise’s work is informed by historical practices of exploration, navigation and cartography and investigates drawing as process and a method of contemporary way finding. She has exhibited at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (2005), Jam Factory Gallery (2008), South Australian Museum (2010), Art Gallery of South Australia (2013) and has been an artist in residence in Tokyo, New Delhi, Sydney, Hill End, Dubai and Darwin. She has worked with the International Cartographic Association (2010) and travelled to the sub-Antarctic on board the Marine National Facility’s research vessel Investigator as an official voyage artist (2016 & 2018). She currently works as the Assistant Curator at the Maritime Museum of Tasmania.



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