James Batchelor & Collaborators

Vinny Jones

Vinny Jones

Light Designer 

Vinny has worked with James on An Evening-length Performance and Shortcuts to Familiar Places

Vinny describes herself as a scenographer who uses light as her primary material to shape the experience of space. Her practise brings together work as a researcher, light designer, teacher and maker of immersive sensory installations.  

From this hybrid practice developed a methodology that is intrinsic to her artistic vision, which she calls Sensory Scenography. It explores light as a sensory medium that is experienced by the body as well as seen with the eyes. Rather than using light to describe or illustrate a situation, she seeks to create the experience of that situation. Her work uses compositions of light, sound, smell and space to provoke physiological effects or direct the body and mind to specific responses and memories. Sensory scenography creates an embodied experience of the work’s theme or narrative and, manifests, through physical experience, questions about our relationship with the world and our connections with each other. Her work bases itself on the recognition that it is through the whole sensing body that we perceive, experience and are connected to the world. It aims to create space for attention and empathy in shared experience, reconnecting with the profound, embodied understanding employed in sensory perception.





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